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Ella Risk Elementary School - Central Falls, RI
- Science - Grade 4, Sep - Dec 2017

- Created lessons, and led students in a series of experiential, inquiry-based  explorations about energy
- Applied NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts
- Emphasized planning, observation, collecting data, identifying patterns, and engaging in discussion

Ella Risk Elementary School - Central Falls, RI
- English Language Arts - Grade 1, Sep - Dec 2017

- Planned and conducted Interactive Read Aloud sessions with emerging readers/writers
- Utilized running records to assess use of cueing systems for reading comprehension
- Engaged students in small group writing workshops to encourage and develop emerging writing skills

Marieville Elementary School - North Providence, RI
- Mathematics - Grade 4, Sep - Dec 2017

- Designed progressive lessons, incorporating visual, verbal, and tactile means to develop fraction-sense
- Incorporated relevant CCSS to establish appropriate Instructional Goals and Performance Objectives
- Invented a manipulative tool and successfully utilized it to teach length model comparison of fractions